Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings
  • Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings
  • Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings
  • Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings

Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings

Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings is the exclusive brand in one of line tanks of Good Water Jsc.

Producer: Good Water
Number of rings: 05 rings
Net useable tank height: 6.59m
Tank diameter: From 2.69m to 30.45m
Net volume: From 37 cubic meters to 4810 cubic meters
Number of panels per ring: From 3 panels to 34 panels

Contact: - 028.38129.050

  • Product Infomations
  • - Number of rings: 05 rings

    - Net useable tank height: 6.59m
    - Tank diameter: From 2.69m to 30.45m
    - Net volume: From 37 cubic meters to 4810 cubic meters
    - Number of panels per ring: From 3 panels to 34 panels

    Aquatank Tanks is the exclusive brand in one of line tanks of Good Water. Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings are applied panel bolted technology with two classes material: the exterior is epoxy coated carbon steel, the interior is stainless steel. 

    Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings are the premium choice for storage in the municipal and industrial water, wastewater and industrial  liquid markets. No other tank lasts longer or has greater lifetime value than an Aquatank tank.



    •    Minimal maintenance required over tank life

    •    Will not corrode or rust

    •    A guaranteed tank performance warranty

    •    Turn key services from approval drawings to tank testing

    •    No need for cranes or other large equipment for construction

    •    Can be constructed in remote or secluded locations

    •    Minimal environmental construction site impact

    •    Minimize lost construction days associated with weather delays.

    •    Design for future expansion or relocation

    •    Remove graffiti easily

    •    Lowest life cycle cost

    Be chua aquatank

    Aquatank tanks


    Wall has 2 classes material. An exterior is the carbon steel bearing pressure structure, an interior is stainless steel. Wall is panels connected together with bolts and special silicones. Carbon steel class handles structure and protects wall, stainless steel class contacts with liquid and protects wall.

    Panel bolted Aquatank  Longitudinal section Detail A
    Panel bolted Aquatank  Longitudinal section Detail A


    Types of foundation depend on types of liquid storage and customer needs, maybe use concrete foundation. With higher requirements, the foundation could be added more corrosion resistance materials (stainless steel, EPDM rubber/Butyl…) put on concrete foundation.

    Vật liệu chống ăn mòn Bệ đỡ beton  làm đáy
    Corrosion resistance materials foundation Concrete foundation



    Mái che dạng vòm cho bể aquatank

    Aluminum dome

    Cover’s mainframes are manufactured with steel, covered by tole or aluminum. Related accessories include manholes, gravity vents.

    Some popular covers as:

    Mái che dạng nón cho bể aquatank

    Cone cover


    Mái che dáng tdr cho bể chứa aquatank

    Trough deck roof (TDR cover)



    The comparison chart Aquatank with the others


    Potable Water

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDAbove ground storage tanks

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDComposite elevated storage tanks (CET)

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDDesalination storage tanks and covers

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDMunicipal and industrial applications


    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDDrilling fluids and liquid chemicals

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDFrac water storage, recycling and waste processing

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDFrac sand storage and processing

    Fire Protection

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDSprinkler system water storage

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDIndustrial and commercial facilities

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDCombination potable and fire protection reservoirs

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDCylindrical and rectangular storage solutions

    Power Generation

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDDemineralized water storage

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDFGD chemical process and storage tanks

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDLiquid fuel storage tanks and silos

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDProcess water and wastewater handling


    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDComplete line of storage tanks and covers for anaerobic digesters

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDStorage tanks and silos for biofuels

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDStorage silo and reclaimer systems for biomass handling

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDDual membrane and steel tank biogas storage systems

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDCustom engineerred to meet developer specifications


    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDGrain and haylage silos for feeding operations

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDUnloaders for feed processing

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDSlurry holding and processing tanks

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDStorage tanks for dry and liquid fertilizers and additives

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDTanks and covers for digesters and biogas production

    Bulk Storage

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDBolted steel storage tanks for all types of industrial mining, minerals and agricultural dry bulk materials

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDDrive-through and train-through designs

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDReclaimer systems for non-free-flowing materials


    Wastewater & Industrial Liquid

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDStorage tanks for clarifiers, trickling filters, aerations, flow equalization and sludge

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDSequencing batch reactor tanks (SBR)

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDStorm water retention storage

    APPLICATIONS/MARRKETS SERVEDBolted steel strorage tanks for wide variety of industrial liquids



    Specfication table Aquatank cylinder bolted tank with 5 rings


    -    Diameter in the table is structure diameter of tank, concrete foundation’s diameter should be wider than tank’s diameter 1m.

    - Height in the table is the net useable tank height, total tank height will be higher than 0,5m

    How to read Aquatank’s model

    -    Model are built from quantity of rings and sheets

    -    For example: 45L3

    + 5L3: this tank have 5 rings & 3 sheets per ring

    + The volume matchs up 5L3 is 37m3


    The ability to provide a customer with storage tank, cover does not end with merely manufacturing and delivering the components, Goodwater’s crews are capable of constructing our products and servicing them throughout their life.

    • Jack up construction
    • Step 1: first ring of panels and roof are safety construction at ground level
    • Step 2: tank and cover are jacked up and succesive rings are constructed
    • Step 3: the final ring is constructed and tank is lowered onto foundation ring


    Construction and installation using the jack

    Construction and installation using the jack

    • Crane construction
    • Step 1: first ring of panel is constructed directly on the foundation
    • Step 2: successive rings are constructed by craning panels on lower rings
    • Step 3: cover is constructed on the ground and craned into place or constructed directly on the cover

    Foundation designs:

    Foundation designs are done in-house and are customized to customer needs and storage application. Depending on tank specifications, the typical foundation can be one of the following:

    Slot mount

     - Slot mount: Used for lower profile tanks, particularly suited for wastewater treatment applications.

    Curb mount

     - Curb mount: Used for lower profile tanks, well suited for tower mounted storage tanks.




    • Gravity vents
    • Manway: hot-dip galvanized (HDG)
    • Ladder: HDG pipe


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